Ole – Forum internazionale su globalizzazione e criminalità organizzata

Otranto Legality Experience is a unique opportunity to investigate issues related to the relationship between organised crime and globalisation, through workshops, seminars and discussions held by Italian and international speakers.

Organised by FLARE Network, the event is held from 5th to 11th of September 2011.

The goal is to develop and set a benchmark in Europe for the role of civil society in combating transnational organised crime.

The 2010 edition of the event was attended by more than 60 speakers and more than 200 members. Media partners of the event were Current TV Italy, Lastampa.it, La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno and Telenorba.

OLE is dedicated to the memory of Renata Fonte, killed by mafia on March 31, 1984, and this year to the journalist Toni Fontana. The cultural coordintator of the event is Vittorio Agnoletto.

OLE is made of two parts: the Summer Camp and the Forum.


from 5th to 8th September

The summer camp is open to 200 participants. The aim is to examine and to attempt to identify what and how large the gray areas are in the workings of finance and economics and to suggest possible legal actions against people involved.

The four areas open for discussion and analysis at the 2011 event will be: 1) International organisations, 2) States, 3) Corporations 4) Civil society.

Strategies to fight organised crime triggered by the European Union and international bodies: potential, constraints and proposals

Legality and illegality in social relations, economic and financial relations between the European Union and the countries of North Africa with a focus on process migration and trafficking in human beings

The business of energy between mafias, transnational corporations and states


From 9th to 11th September

The 2011 edition of the summer camp will follow a public forum open to all, with meetings, debates, cultural events on issues of globalisation, social justice and finance. Participants include highly qualified speakers from different regions of the world.

The title of the 2011 event is Illegal Economy, Mafias and Financial Globalisation, aimed at civil society, public administration and all stakeholders. The forum also provides an opportunity for visibility of civil society organisations, national and international presence through stands and spaces.

Per saperne di più: www.ole2011.org

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